Become Elite x Stepzz Grip Socks

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Small: US 6 - 9.5
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Become Elite x Stepzz
Sheldon x Sheldon


Matt Sheldon and Sheldon Tweedie have collaborated on a brand new product, The Become Elite x Stepzz Grip Socks.


"I’ve been wearing grip socks since they started to become popular back in 2014. After you start wearing grip socks, you can’t really go back to wearing regular socks. Then in 2019 I tried Stepzz socks for the first time and since then I haven’t been able to go back to wearing any other grip socks. They really are my favourite pair of grip socks I’ve ever worn. Since trying them for the first time I’ve worn a pair in every single individual training session, team training, and game. So when Sheldon approached me with the idea of collaborating on a Become Elite x Stepzz Grip Sock I was extremely excited. I love how they’ve come out and am looking forward to seeing people wearing them!"


- Matt Sheldon 

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