Stepzz Resistance - Blue (Level 4)

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1 x Blue Resistance Band (Level 4)

I know we've all had those times where we're either too young for the gym, can't afford it, or just can't go. Stepzz Resistance Bands is the answer to those problems. 

With an endless number of exercises, resistance bands give you the perfect at home workout, or pre-game/training activation session. Many professional and semi-professional athletes use resistance bands for their prehab, and part of their warm-up.

With an added difficulty feature, it makes it super easy to find which level band you need to use for each exercise.

Don't be the one to turn a blind eye on such an important piece of equipment. Get yours now and start acting like a true professional!

Customer Reviews

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Nicky Ashrafpour
good quality resistance band

i ordered their resistance bands a few weeks ago, very high quality