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The Elite Pack of Stepzz Grip Socks

Small: US 6 - 9.5
Medium: US 10+

This pack is exclusively for the elite. The ones who go far above anyones expectations and always push themselves throughout every session. The Elite are the ones who are first to arrive and last to leave. It's not just a lifestyle, it's a mindset. The Elite always adapt and prove they are the best.

I know how frustrated we all get when we put on a pair of socks and they slip about giving no traction in the shoe, as well as a possible blister here and there. That's why I created Stepzz Grip Socks.

With anti-slip technology, Stepzz Grip Socks help improve your speed and change of direction in even the toughest conditions.

Compared to other grip socks on the market, we have an affordable price, as well as ensuring high quality so that you can really let your feet do the talking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1000 reviews
Stratos Eftimiou
Grip Socks Review

I never really considered wearing grip socks but after purchasing a Stepzz bundle I have now realised the hype of them and how much they can improve your performance on the field, and how comfortable it makes you feel.

Josh Hoban
Superior quality and grip

After trying a few brands I’ve finally found the best quality and most comfortable grip socks. Best value around

Anirudh Kappiyoor
Amazing product

Excellent Grip on these socks, would definitely recommend !

Angel Nieto
love the socks

best grip sockes iv used dont make my slip for sharp turns or goalkicks

Hugo O Mendiola
Great socks

Great socks and very, very good grip. Not complaining about the sock, just about customer service. I submitted a claim like 2-3 times already about a faulty pair that I got and so far no response from anybody. Would really appreciate if somebody would advise on how to resolve the problem.