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About Sheldon Tweedie - CEO

Yo! I'm an avid footballer who has been documenting my journey to signing a professional contract for over 4 years. It isn't an easy world to navigate but I've been showing my steps throughout this process, the good, the bad and the ugly. Although I haven't yet signed a professional contract, I've learnt so much in my journey. 

With the thanks to my fans and followers I decided to start my own brand called 'Stepzz'. The message that stood behind our brand was so important to me, taking one step backwards has been something I've been willing to do throughout this wild ride. The entire purpose was to inevitably move forward with my goals by learning as much as I could to fulfil my potential.

With over 1000 Five star reviews, it's been an amazing journey bringing the best grip socks to all athletes across the worlds. It truly puts a smile on my face to know that we've improved the performance of thousands.