Stepzz Grip Socks - Forest Green

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Small: US 6 - 9.5
Medium: US 10+

I know how frustrated we all get when we put on a pair of socks and they slip about giving no traction in the shoe, as well as a possible blister here and there. That's why I created Stepzz Grip Socks.

With anti-slip technology, Stepzz Grip Socks help improve your speed and change of direction in even the toughest conditions.

Compared to other grip socks on the market, we have an affordable price, as well as ensuring high quality so that you can really let your feet do the talking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1507 reviews
Marbin Melgar

Good deal

Freya Crooks
Wheres my product? Answer emails?

I ordered grip socks not to long ago and recieved an email saying they were out of stock for the white ones and i wont recieve them for a while however if there was any issue to email them. Which i have done twice and heard nothing back. Hopefully i hear something soon.

Diego Martin
Super Comfy Socks

These socks are so comfortable. I have heaps of pairs to keep up with my business training schedule.

Ali Ahmadi
Steppz Grip Socks

I felt that I had much better traction, material is much better than team socks, they feel better on my feet and I stop getting blisters when I wear new boots. Overall a 10/10 product best grip socks on the market.

Alexsys Mendez-Lemus
Grip Socks

I still haven’t received anything. I don’t know what they’re talking about because i never recieved anything this is ridiculous