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Small: US 6 - 9.5
Medium: US 10+

I know how frustrated we all get when we put on a pair of socks and they slip about giving no traction in the shoe, as well as a possible blister here and there. That's why I created Stepzz Grip Socks.

With anti-slip technology, Stepzz Grip Socks help improve your speed and change of direction in even the toughest conditions.

Compared to other grip socks on the market, we have an affordable price, as well as ensuring high quality so that you can really let your feet do the talking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 856 reviews
Ethan Horsey
Stepzz Grip Socks

They were really good and my foot stays in place the whole time, I highly recommend to other football players who are looking for great grip socks for a great price.

Lucas Morales-Fernandez
Solid choice

Wore these for college training and games they lasted me about two seasons. They design is subtle yet appealing while having great grip. I’ve even donated a couple of my pairs to teammates as they really enjoyed them as well. Would 100% recommend.

Renee Wild
Grip Socks

My boys love these socks. Their feet used to slip when they were kicking the ball and doing fast movement in training. These socks have made a huge difference. We tried a different brand before Stepzz but they both agree the stepzz ones are a better fit and more comfortable. Will definitely buy some more.

Christian Gorostieta
Stepzz grip socks

They are extremely comfortable and work really well I couldn’t be happier with my purchase

Colin Dougan
Great product

I bought these socks to trial out for myself and my twin boys.
They offer fantastic grip within the boot, giving you quicker change of direction and direct force for acceleration with zero movement in your boot.
The Stepzz sock is also very well priced and a high quality product.
All in a must buy for any keen football player.